I’m so happy now with my eight year old computer. I’m a senior and had so many problems that needed fixed. My Helper fixed all of my problems—including my tablet—and showed me how to do things I didn’t know I could do. She even found my passwords that I thought were gone forever (she said … Read more "SO HAPPY."

Lorraine Contristano

Wow, Wow, Wow–Thanks so much

I was blessed to have a session with Pittsburgh Computer Help—a Helper was at my parents’ house video conferencing me. I am a teacher, and it was the week before school. I needed to convert PDF documents to Word and she found out through gentle probing, patience, and research that I was already paying for … Read more "Wow, Wow, Wow–Thanks so much"

Ingrid Davis

Job Well Done

Pittsburgh Computer Help was able to correct my problem of not being able to get online. in addition, my Helper cleaned out and updated my computer. They also explained much of what they were doing and gave several tips. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with their help.

Kathy Sloan

Highly Recommended

My Helper was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. The computer problems I had were very frustrating and I was just about to throw it out the window, but my Helper put my computer back on track. I highly recommend Pittsburgh Computer Help and would call them again if experiencing future problems.

Elizabeth Whiteman

Getting better results

My computer is so much more user-friendly and efficient now thanks to Pittsburgh Computer Help.

Julie Malloy

Pittsburgh Computer Help saved my computer

I am a retired senior. I had over 7000 emails and was unable to retrieve them. My service provider kept telling me I had a virus. My Helper updated my security system and showed me shortcuts. They also fixed my notebook, cell phone, and now everything is in-synch. They say word of mouth is the … Read more "Pittsburgh Computer Help saved my computer"

Donna Barone

All electronic devices coordinated and working great

I had several concerns about the performance of my computer—problems with pop-ups, unnecessary programs, security, and updates that hadn’t been installed. My Helper was able to address all of the concerns and showed me how to better manage both performance and security of my computer moving forward. She also helped me with both my iPad … Read more "All electronic devices coordinated and working great"

Judy Savolskis

Desired Computer help

I needed much help as I have been scammed in the past for a lot of money. I called Pittsburgh Computer Help and I was received with open arms and was contacted the next day. My Helper was here on time and did not stop until the entire job was done. They were multi-skilled and … Read more "Desired Computer help"

Magnolia White- horton

Back from the dead!

My Helper performed a computer miracle! My computer was dead for two years and she found a way to bring it back. My Helper was very diligent in her work and wouldn’t give up. Five hours later, she not only fixed the computer but hooked up my new laptop, connected everything to the printer and … Read more "Back from the dead!"

Dee Bracco

Far exceeded expectations

My computer had so many viruses that I was unable to use it. My neighbor had mentioned that Pittsburgh Computer Help had terrific teachers. I called and the next day a Helper was at my computer patiently returning it to it’s original form. They also demonstrated their expertise in answering my many questions regarding my … Read more "Far exceeded expectations"

Vince Crisanti

Pittsburgh Computer Help is Wonderful to Work With

I had several computer problems and did not know where to turn until a friend recommended Pittsburgh Computer Help. My Helper’s knowledge of computers is extensive. What sets her apart is that she excels in her communication skills. Moreover, she was so patient with me, explaining how to execute tasks, showing me short cuts and … Read more "Pittsburgh Computer Help is Wonderful to Work With"

Mary Herb

Computer Problems overcome

I called Pittsburgh Computer Help as I was having so many problems with my computer and wanted their advice before purchasing a new one. After just two hours they had my computer working like new! They also created a maintenance folder and instructed me how to use it so that I can better maintain my … Read more "Computer Problems overcome"

Kathleen Chesley

More than pleased

I highly recommend Pittsburgh Computer Help for their expertise, patience, and knowledge! I am 100% satisfied with the service that they provided. I can now navigate my computer—it’s no longer a mystery to me.

Jacqueline Kniedler

Great Job

Pittsburgh Computer Help did a great job creating our band’s new website. Thanks for all the hard work!

Dave Bomstein, Clarinet

Personal, Professional in-home computer help for seniors

Our Helper surpassed our expectations by rapidly solving our Windows 7 desktop problems and setting up our Windows 8.1 wireless notebook—simplifying our introduction to the wondrous world of tiles.

Mary and John Clayton

Patient, bright, creative and so helpful.

Pittsburgh Computer Help installed a free photo editing program for us. They were very patient and efficient in explaining the process. Our Helper did not make me feel at all stupid or slow. I’ll have them back to help me with my photo printer!

Catherine Bomstein

Great help!

We had a great Helper from Pittsburgh Computer Help. They helped me set up my new computer and teach me how to use it. Our Helper was very patient and an excellent teacher!

Carolyn Ruffer

The best help I ever received

In my opinion this was—and is—the best help that I ever, ever received.

Bill Donnelly

Highly Recommend

I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the help I got from our Helper. She was a tremendous help installing my modem/router, my Apple TV, and was more than willing to answer any questions I had regarding their operation. One especially nice aspect of her visits was that, in discussing things, she … Read more "Highly Recommend"

Pat Folkmire

Just what the computer needed

Pittsburgh Computer Help was just what the computer needed—a person who could go in and make it better in one visit. They took my headache away! Take my advice and call for a quick fix… soon even your headache will be gone. : )

Peg Zwahlen

‘Computer Help’ That’s just what I needed!

I was stumped on a few issues and really didn’t know where to turn. Turns out that there really aren’t that many people out there offering this type of in-house service. I was telling a friend how very frustrated I was becoming and didn’t know what to do. She referred me to Pittsburgh Computer Help … Read more "‘Computer Help’ That’s just what I needed!"

Frank James

Logical, patient communication with clients

My Helper and I have worked together on several projects. He has an extensive knowledge of the internet, PCs, computers, peripheral equipment, and wireless networks. Moreover, he is logical, patient, and communicates well with clients.

David Kretz



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